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Debt Collection

Our extensive collections area serves a broad range of clients with specialization in community associations and corporate clients. We have collected more than $1,000,000 for all of our clients combined for each of the last five years. This is due to our vigorous pre- and post-judgment collection efforts including preparing lawsuits, recording real property and judgment liens, filing garnishments, levies, and debtor interrogatories, executing foreclosure proceedings, handling debtor inquiries, coordinating payment plans and processing payments through our escrow system. We are also diligent in keeping all of our clients abreast of our collection actions.

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Questions About Collections?

We’ve collected our most frequently asked questions about collections.

How much does it cost to have Thomas and Associates collect?

Nothing unless we collect something for you.

Will I have to go to court?

Possibly. It depends on whether or not the debtor contests the debt.

Can I make the debtor pay my attorney’s fees?
Yes. If the written contract between the parties allows for it, or there is a statutory provision authorizing it.