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Corporate & Condo Law

The corporate area of our firm serves to represent all types of homeowner and condominium associations in legal matters. Our attorneys, who act as general counsel for many of these associations, provide written guidance and phone consultations on legal issues regarding a wide variety of decisions. The firm also acts as a registered agent for many corporations and community associations as well as prepares and reviews corporate documents, contracts, resolutions, and other correspondence as needed by the Board.

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Questions About Condo Law?

We’ve collected our most frequently asked questions about condo law.

I don't like my board. What can I do?

Participate. Be involved. Run for office. It is your association – be a part of it.

I don't like my association's rule. Do I have to obey them?

Yes. You can try to get them changed though.

Our assessments seem to go up every year, even though we have thousands of dollars in reserve. What can be done about this?
State law requires that the association have adequate money as reserve funds to, among other things, replace and repair the Association’s capital components. It is better to have extra money now than to not have money when you need it.