Frequently Asked Questions.


I’ve been injured in an accident, what do I need to do?
Just after my accident, the other insurance company was calling me to give them a recorded statement. What should I do?
What makes the attorneys at Thomas & Associates, P.C. the right ones for my personal injury case?


What’s the difference between an uncontested and contested divorce?
Do you need to have a document to be separated?
Do you need to have a separation agreement if you have no assets or have been married for a very short time?


How much does it cost to have Thomas and Associates collect?
Will I have to go to court?
Can I make the debtor pay my attorney’s fees?


What is the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony?
Will I lose any rights if I am convicted of a crime?
Will a charge be on my record if it is dismissed?


I don't like my board. What can I do?
I don't like my association's rule. Do I have to obey them?
Our assessments seem to go up every year, even though we have thousands of dollars in reserve. What can be done about this?

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