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At Thomas, Adams & Associates, P.C., we recognize that determination can significantly impact your case.

Quite often, we see potential clients become so frustrated that they resign themselves to settling for less than what they deserve. Why? Because they weren't properly advised of their rights and the potential awards of their cases.

Just as there are different circumstances to every case, there are differences in how each case should be handled.  Through years of litigating thousands of cases, we understand how to approach, manage and evaluate each case based on its merits.

This individualized approach, coupled with our strength in analyzing and interpreting legal rhetoric (in other words, aggressively getting through the red tape and ultimately, to the heart of the issue), allows us to strategically position and professionally prepare your case to your best advantage.

Whether it be an insurance company dispute, an automobile accident or collection of debt, our firm's objective is to continually provide the most professional and effective legal representation possible that will result in a positive difference in your life.

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